City Jhansi - 2017
Institutes/Tutorials Owner/Contact Level NIF Rt
IMPACT Institute Mr.Niraj Khatri / 9839023482 JEE/NEET/XII/X PCMB *****
TIME Institute Mr.Gaurav G. / 9415067627 X/XII Commerce *****
Rankers Choice Mr.Rahul K. / 9616729216 X/XII All Subjects ***
GnG Classes Mr.Gaurav G/ 9415067627 XII Commerce ****
Lakshya Mr.Piyush Dubey   Not Mem.
Jain Classes     NotMem.
Maths World     Not.Mem
Stride Classes Mr.Raj / 9839337318   NotMem.
Target Classes Mr.Pankaj Sahu   NotMem.
Bansal Classes      
Town Datia / Dabra MP - 2017
Town Mauranipur - 2017
City Gwalior (MP)- 2017

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