Our Mission & Vision


—To develop self controlled self motivating smart & responsible citizens of nation.

—To establish stress free teaching learning environment.

To maintain a socially responsive school with 95% accuracy & accountability .

To assist in developing policies for quality education for all.


Our Services


We provide quality staff members in a very affordable professional manner. Once you submet your requirement we search the quality staff and provide you, we also decide service terms and conditions in favor of employer and employee both for this service we charge only 25 % of first salary (Without deductions) from the employer just after the appointment of our teacher. If a school need we also help in conducting the interviews with complete documentations and record even varification of documents will be our responsibility. (Subject Experts available on demand) We also provide complete teacher recruitment documentation kit for a professional smooth recruitment process at a very affordable price (@2k )


This is a major effort by us to inculcate moral values, ethics and charachter building capacities in students.We here provide spiritual multimedia classes, motivitational speeches, experience sharing , Ancient epic / Historic heros life facts and activity based task to foster the inherent humanity hidden deep in every human being. This exposure changes the mentality and belief of nuturing minds and help the students to develop as a complete personality in order to over every unfavourable situations in life. We arrange 45+45 min.class (30 Min Extra ) in a week and charge is only 10k/m.

Admissions (Procedure/Policy)

We provide traing and develop entire documentation process for max easy and hassel free admission process. The entire process will be controlled by your staff only under our guidance however we may provide parent and student counselling person for visitor dealing on demand.(Charge 10k/Session)

Monthly Teacher Training

Here we provide traing to your teaching staff based on various teaching and non teaching topics to develop them as per mission and vission of the school in the interest of school and students. Yearly charge is 25k only including monitoring the changes in potentialities/capacities in your staff memebrs. After successfull completion of one year trainign we provide a certificate to teachers also issed by NIF Jhansi.

Edu Enhancement Services

Quality Based Exam Question Paper Development (Scientific Blue Print based) @1K/Class/Exam (Non Board Classes) Syllabus break up and monitoring with elerts for even pace in teaching @ 2K/Class/Annum Annual Calender building based on your school resources and requirements @ 2K/annum Weak student monitoring and enhancement with edu support @ 1k/Student/M (Min 10 Students)

Student Problem Solving ananlysis programme to excell up thier holoastic development @ 2K/Class/Interaction

Hi-Tech Supported Innovative Projects

1- Website building at very affordable price starting from only 3k only.

2- Bagless School at every level development.

3-Paperless eco friendly mind-to-mind teaching-learning multimedia based model classroom development.(class 6 onwards)



Our Team

We.are the young academicians and educationist with a dream project to create student friendly environment for quality and value based education. We invite the tech-openminded, innovative, creative and resoucefull edu-manpower having a fire in belly to transform the present rusted and outdated edu system and policies. We want to create our new edu world with open oppurtunities for the deservings..

Mr.Simanchal Panigrahi

Founder- Masoom Kids +91-9893433269

Mr.Mithlesh Bajpai

President NIF NGO +91-9839281700

Ranith Kays


Joan Ray